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by Ana L Tetrault on Veteran Lawn Service

I have been using them for about three years give or take!
They are dependable and do a beautiful Job!
My lawn looks way better this year after i started using their fertilization applications!
I will be looking into their snow removal this year!
In my opinion they are the best of the Northwest! ?
Check Them Out!
I think you won't be disappointed!

by Diane N. on Veteran Lawn Service

The owner and his cousin Nick were absolutely the best! So courteous and everything came out great.

by Kerry S. on Veteran Lawn Service

Their cleanup is excellent!

by Gloria N. on Veteran Lawn Service

They are a pleasure to work with. Mr. Nelson is very accommodating and always takes time to talk to me and answers and I appreciate them so much.

by Mary Z. on Veteran Lawn Service

Extremely satisfied with them!

by Linda S. on Veteran Lawn Service

Professional, Courteous, and Dependable
I've worked with Veteran Lawn Service for over 3 years and he and his partner Nick have done an outstanding job all year long. I would highly recommend them to any business or residential owner.

-Linda S.

by Irfan K. on Veteran Lawn Service

Solid contractor. Highly recommended.
Jared is great to work with. Reliable contractor.

by Harold M. on Veteran Lawn Service

They take great care of my Commercial property while I'm away.

by Vikki S. on Veteran Lawn Service

I have been a customer of Veteran Lawn Service for a couple years. I have a job with a lengthy commute and requires travel, so I needed someone to take care of mowing the Lawn on a regular basis. After becoming a customer, I very quickly signed up for the Spring and Fall services as well. After a year of Lawn care, and facing another Minnesota Winter, I contacted them to see if they had room on their Snow removal list. I'm in my second year of shovel-free Winters! One more recent example of Veteran Lawn Service exceeding my expectations was the first weekend of October 2016. My 70 year old Father decided to climb a ladder to take down some tree limbs and fell and broke his arm in two places. After several hours in Emergency, I contacted Veteran Lawn Service to see if they could help me dispose of the limbs my father took down, but now couldn't remove. Since this was right in the middle of their Fall cleanups for their customers, their schedule was booked. However they went out of their way to fit me in! So very appreciative! I would highly recommend their services.

by Jon M. on Veteran Lawn Service

We have used Jared and his crew from Veteran Lawn Service for both Lawn maintenance in the Summer and for Snow plowing in the Winter. Exceptional service, affordable and always going one step above the contracted service. I highly recommend Jared and his crew and take the time to meet them, as they are all great individuals.

by Bev S. on Veteran Lawn Service

They've always done what I've asked an more.

by Lori K. on Veteran Lawn Service

Jared has been taking care of our mowing, landscaping and snow removal for almost seven years at our rental property. We've never had a problem. Jared is very reliable and does great work. If he sees something that he thinks should be taken care of, he calls to let us know. We highly recommend Jared and Veteran Lawn Service.

by Carol G. on Veteran Lawn Service

They come to the door, should they have a question during the work. They seem to actually care about pleasing their customer and what I wanted done!

by Mary H. on Veteran Lawn Service

I've been so happy with their service and they've been really reliable! I have been using them for about 12-14 years.

by Dick F. on Veteran Lawn Service

They do our Snow removal and Lawn maintenance. They respond right away, and always do a great job. Large lot, and they go above and beyond. Happy we found them!

by Mike S. on Veteran Lawn Service

They are the best I've ever hired!

by Cheryl B. on Veteran Lawn Service

They are very prompt. 5 Stars!

by Mike M. on Veteran Lawn Service

A good Lawn guy.
They do exactly what they promise, arrive in a timely manner and are overall very professional.

by Robert P. on Veteran Lawn Service

Reliable Snow removal. Excellent service!

by Myrna K. on Veteran Lawn Service

They do wonderful work, I ended up waiving him down in the neighborhood and have used him since then!

by Sterling plastics on Veteran Lawn Service

Excellent service! They're on time, they do an awesome job and are very polite people. We highly recommend them.

-Jaron H.

by Janet D. on Veteran Lawn Service

5 stars!

by Karla M. on Veteran Lawn Service

They came over at a drop of a hat. They are very diligent. They do the work and are very observant for spotting issues. They are very reasonably priced and the service is great. They are so friendly. I get the same crew each time which is the owner and his assistant. They are quick at what they do and they do a great job. I would highly recommend them.

by Kathy K. on Veteran Lawn Service

They are just great guys, on time and do a beautiful job.

by Julie B. on Veteran Lawn Service

I've used this company for over ten years, in those ten years they have not missed a single week. The professional is reliable, and the professionals company has integrity. It's rare these days to find a reliable professional, it's nice to have someone you can trust.

by Morrow Partners, Inc. on Veteran Lawn Service

They do a great job!

-Wally N.